Sunday, May 11, 2008

I just love to cook!

Welcome to my recipe blog!

I just love to cook. Well I don't get to cook everyday, because I am a busy working mom. But I cook at least whenever I have the time and whenever there are family gatherings. I love cooking pasta, seafood and desserts and I love using my robust microwave! I so enjoy surfing the net for recipes only to modify them using local ingredient alternatives. Sometimes, I modify local pinoy dishes by replacing some ingredients with imported spices and herbs.

I often bake cookies, cupcakes on my microwave. Steam seafood and custard cake using my rice cooker. Grill on my toaster. etc. You see I don't exactly have all those high-end cooking equipment but I can make do with what I have in my kitchen, which is good! Because it only shows that we can still come up with hearty dishes even if we have to use the refrigerator to do the job!

So if you're on the adventurous and creative side of cooking, this blog is for you!

I will also include some of my time-tested techniques and shortcuts, and maybe some steal copies of recipes from my mom and grandma's cookbooks! They are my cooking mentors!

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